Giraffes in Namibia
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Namibia - Safari tours

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Namibia is a country of extraordinary natural beauty with a huge diversity of cultures including inherited colonial German, Afrikaner, Asian and others as well national origins including Herero, San, Nama, Damara and Owambo.


Its attractions are unparalleled in Africa and include fine bushwalking, wild seascapes, rugged mountains, lonely deserts and some fine African and European cities and villages.


Climate & Weather
Summer (October – April) average interior temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius (C) – 35 degrees C during the day. Temperatures above 40 degrees C are often recorded in the extreme north and south of the country. The coast is influenced by the cold Benguela current, and boasts a relatively stable range of 15 degrees C to 25 degrees C. Heavy fog is fairly common at night and early morning. Humidity is generally very low in most parts of Namibia, but can reach as high as 80% in the extreme north during summer.


Winter (May – September) temperatures in the interior range from 18 degrees – 25 degrees C during the day. Below freezing temperatures and ground frost are common at night. The rainy season is from October – April. The average annual rainfall varies from less than 50 mm along the coast to 350mm in the central interior and up to 70 0mm in the Caprivi. The sporadic rains do not affect road travel significantly, however, one should exercise caution when crossing or camping in riverbeds during the rainy season, as flash floods are common occurrences.

When to go
Namibia is a year round destination enjoying at last 300 days of sunshine per year. Winter is the most pleasant season while November to March can be very hot but obvoiusly this depends on your own preferences.

Safari trips available:


Essence of Namibia - 11 Days - from €1,095 per person


Explore Namibia - 13 Days - from €1,186 per peson


Jewels of Namibia - 18 Days - €1,575 per person


Cultural Odyssey - 12 Days - from €1,195 per person


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