Humpback whales in Antarctica
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Emperor Penguins - Snow Hill Safari

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A penguin-lovers dream come true! This expedition spends three days at an Emperor Penguin rookery, where you'll have the opportunity to watch the adult birds tending to their chicks. Then sail on to the Antarctic Peninsula - a vast expanse of whites and blues - where we hope to visit Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguin rookeries while the birds are selecting nesting sites and choosing partners - 13 nights/14 days
Day 1
Ushuaia is a picturesque community with excellent restaurants and intriguing museums. You'll spend the night at our host hotel.

Day 2

You'll have time to explore before boarding in the afternoon. The icebreaker follows the Beagle Channel into the open waters of the Drake Passage.

Day 3-4
Emperor Penguins will be on your mind while you cross the Drake Passage. En route, our ornithologist will make presentations on the biology, habitat and behaviour of Emperors.

Day 5-7
Reaching the Snow Hill rookery under the best possible conditions is the goal of the expedition. The Captain and Expedition Leader consult charts, weather bulletins and satellite images to determine where to park the icebreaker for efficient helicopter flights to the rookery. Our plan is to spend three days at the rookery.

Day 8-11
While the Emperors are our priority, we also plan to visit the Antarctic Peninsula. Our exact route will be determined by local conditions. We plan to sail Iceberg Alley. Use your newly acquired photographic skills to snap pictures of massive tabular icebergs until your camera beeps a warning that the memory is full. While passing through Antarctic Sound, you will see more fantastic ice sculptures, from pure white to deep blue.
A soulful silence may engulf you, unless a glacier calves or an iceberg overturns - then suddenly, everything is noise and waves.
While visiting the Peninsula, we hope to explore penguin rookeries under construction. Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins court, lay eggs and raise their young during the austral summer. Your voyage takes place at a time when these smaller penguins are selecting nesting sites and choosing partners.

Day 12-14
You'll be recalling the details of the voyage, as you cross the Drake Passage once again. These memories will stay with you, as clear and powerful as the day they were formed. The existence of the Emperor Penguin is more that a story of survival and endurance. It is the triumph of life itself.


All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife.


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