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Epic Antarctica
via the Phantom Coast
and the Ross Sea

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A 31-day voyage visiting the Phantom Coast, the only passenger expedition to explore that seldom-visited Antarctic coastline in 2009-2010. Starting from Santiago, Chile and finishing at Lyttleton, New Zealand - 30 nights/31 days

Day 1
During this 31-day voyage we plan to visit the Phantom Coast, the only passenger expedition to explore that seldom-visited Antarctic coastline in 2009-2010. For two centuries, the ice-locked coastline defied the efforts of explorers to chart it. Exploring the Phantom Coast is still a challenge for all but the toughest vessels. Overnight in Santiago.

Day 2
After a flight from Santiago to Stanley, Falklands Islands, you will board the icebreaker.

Day 3-8
South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
Seabirds accompany the ship across the Drake Passage to the first landfall in Antarctica. We plan to visit penguin rookeries and to cruise among ice floes where seals lounge in the Antarctic summer sun.
Pushing southward, we cross the Antarctic Circle, to enter a world of continuous daylight. We'll explore bays ringed by glaciers, where penguins and seals co-exist in relative harmony. From Marguerite Bay, we'll enter the Bellingshausen Sea.

Day 9-16
The Phantom Coast and Amundsen Sea

As we follow the Phantom Coast, we expect to visit Peter 1 Island. In 2006, the last time we landed successfully, our historian noted that only 800 people in all human history have been known to visit the island. Look forward to several adventurous days of breaking through the Amundsen Sea pack ice. We'll deploy our helicopters so you can witness the power of the icebreaker from the air.

Day 17-24
The Ross Sea
Be on the alert for Emperor Penguins. The water around the Ross Ice Shelf is known to be the habitat of the largest species of penguins. Ross Island is home to the U.S. research base McMurdo Station and to Scott Base, New Zealand's research station. Nearby is Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery Hut (1901-04). Our planned visit is carefully controlled to ensure that the impact of our exploration is negligible.
At Cape Royd, we'll visit other huts associated with the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. You'll tour the huts after an onboard presentation by our historian. Learn more about the expedition bases associated with the first explorers of the Ross Sea from the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Day 25-30
Southern Ocean, Campbell and Enderby Islands
Heading north, we pause to visit Campbell Island, a nature preserve where Royal Albatross nest. You'll follow boardwalks through lush greenery to observation points, from which you may photograph wildlife. Yellow-eyed Penguins, Royal Albatross and New Zealand sea lions share Enderby Island with Red-crowned Parakeets.

Day 31
Lyttelton, New Zealand
Upon disembarking in Lyttelton, New Zealand, we will transfer the group by motor coach from the dock to Christchurch airport.



All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife.


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