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Antarctica &
Sub-Antarctic Islands

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Antarctica is regarded by many as being one of the most beautiful places on earth.

A trip to Antarctica is not your average holiday. It is a life-changing experience into a new world that can never be forgotten, a chance to step outside the fast paced ways of modern living into a land where nature still reigns supreme. While on a cruise encounter huge tabular ice bergs, pristine glaciers, ice floes, jagged peaks and white expanses as far as the eye can see. You are guanteed to come home with some spectacular photgraphs of you trip. The Antarctic is nature’s playground; there is nowhere else in the world quite like it. Visit crowded penguin rookeries, abuzz with penguins going about their affairs, be greeted on the beach by seals making their way to or from the nutrient rich waters to feed and watch out for whales including Humpback, Minke and Orca. Above, the elegant Albatross soars and the silence is broken by the calls of an amazing variety of birds who call this place home. Antarctica has a lesson for all of us and it is an unforgettable experience witnessing up close these creatures living together in harmony in a truly untamed wilderness.

Would you like to join a trip from Ireland to Antarctica in January 2010?  There are a limited number of places available on a special voyage. The trip will depart from Dublin on 23rd January flying to Buenos Aires.  From there it's on down to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost city in the world and the embarkation point for our adventure to Antarctica.
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Antarctic Peninsula

This compact adventure offers you the very best of Antarctica: exploring vast penguin colonies; the opportunity of sighting Minke whales, leopard seals and other unique wildlife; visiting historic research bases and enjoying unforgettable walks on the White Continent surrounded by snowcapped peaks, giant tabular icebergs and crystal-blue seas - 10 nights/11 days

Antarctic Peninsula aboard luxury vessels Corinthian II and Clelia II Adventurer Jean-Baptiste Charcot described Antarctica’s allure as “powerful and tenacious,” and the fortunate few who have visited have returned home changed by an experience so elemental that it touches their very core. Each day of our voyage presents a new discovery, whether we’re cruising through ice-packed channels, investigating the nesting habits of Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie penguins or admiring minkes, humpbacks and orcas as they cavort in the sparkling waters. Corinthian II’s and Clelia II’s size and technical attributes allow for in-depth exploration, while their fleet of Zodiac landing craft will bring you into intimate contact with incredible Antarctica.

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Polar Circle & Antarctica

Join a select group of travellers who have journeyed to the world's southernmost extremes and crossed that imaginary line in the polar sea: the Antarctic Circle. En route, you sail deep blue waters among calving glaciers and tabular icebergs; explore gentoo, chinstrap and Adelie penguin colonies on the Antarctic Peninsula; then venture still further south along the White Continent as the ship probes the edge of the pack ice - 11 nights/12 days

Weddell Sea - In search of the Emperor Penguin An Emperor Penguin rookery, is situated south of Snow Hill Island. Although we will not be able to reach that far through the ice, we will try to sail between Snow Hill Island and James Ross Island close to the ice-edge and observe the young Emperor Penguins on their way to the open water - 10 nights/11 days
Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula This voyage sets out from Ushuaia across the Drake Passage to enter the Weddell Sea in search of Emperor Penguins. You will then sail on to the Antarctic Peninsula to witness the beauty of this spectacular location and all it has to offer the adventurous traveller - 10 nights/11 days
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

Having travelled to the extremes of the Southern Hemisphere-explore the historic Falkland Islands and remote South Georgia and then make your way to the Antarctic Peninsula. This is the ideal small ship expedition. From Shackleton's lonely grave to spectacular Iceberg Alley to Zodiac landings at remote penguin colonies and other areas rich with wildlife, come follow the early explorers on a remarkable Antarctic experience - 18 nights/19 days

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica aboard luxury vessel Clelia II For a comprehensive understanding of the Antarctic world and the ineffable grandeur of its wildlife and majestic landscapes, nothing surpasses a voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands. Indeed, this is the adventure of a lifetime. Aboard the all-suite, 100-guest Clelia II you will explore the landmark sites of the Antarctic Peninsula and spend three full days in South Georgia, Shackleton’s final resting place and home to huge colonies of King penguins and other wildlife. On the return to Ushuaia follow the intrigue of the remote Falklands, where the accent is still British and where more than 150 species of birds makes it a bird-watcher’s paradise. Join our team of expert naturalists and lecturers on an unforgettable journey to the spur of the Earth.

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Falklands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands & Antarctic Peninsula

This expedition to Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic Islands offers superb wildlife viewing opportunities, as well as the opportunity to explore some of the least visited regions of the world on foot and by zodiac. Enormous numbers of penguins, whales, seals and seabirds congregate in the food-rich waters along the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic shores. From volcanic islands to windswept ice shelves, snow-topped mountains and jagged ice bergs, the landscape is entrancing and dramatic. Visits to scientific bases, ruined whaling stations and museums offer the chance to absorb the fascinating natural and cultural history of the region - 21 nights/22 days

South Georgia and Antarctica aboard luxury vessel Clelia II Journey to South Georgia and Antarctica for an in-depth exploration of two of the Earth’s most astonishing places. Our adventure includes five days in the Sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, shaped like a whalebone and rising to 9,626 feet at Mount Paget’s peak. We will follow in the wake of Ernest Shackleton, among a host of other explorers. Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund Hillary, is our special expedition leader on this unforgettable adventure through South Georgia’s rugged and icy wildlife sanctuary—whose native inhabitants include abundant species of albatross as well as vast colonies of penguins and fur seals and elephant seals—and through our equally spectacular exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula and its surrounding islands.

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Emperor Penguins: Snow Hill Safari

A penguin-lovers dream come true! This expedition spends three days at an Emperor Penguin rookery, where you'll have the opportunity to watch the adult birds tending to their chicks. Then sail on to the Antarctic Peninsula - a vast expanse of whites and blues - where we hope to visit Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguin rookeries while the birds are selecting nesting sites and choosing partners
- 12 nights/13 days


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Emperors & Kings - Snow Hill & South Georgia

A one-of-a-kind expedition takes you to an Emperor Penguin rookery and a King Penguin rookery. The expedition sails from Ushuaia to the Weddell Sea, where you spend 3-days at an Emperor rookery. After 5-days exploring South Georgia, the icebreaker crosses the Southern Ocean to the Falkland Islands - 21 nights/22 days


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Epic Antarctica via the Phantom Coast & the Ross Sea

A 31-day voyage visiting the Phantom Coast, the only passenger expedition to explore that seldom-visited Antarctic coastline in 2009-2010. Starting from Santiago, Chile and finishing at Lyttleton, New Zealand - 30 nights/31 days


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