A Polar Bear mother and her cubs on the ice near Spitsbergen
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The Arctic
Home of the Ice Bear

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Antarctica Arctic Atlantic

Vast and spectacular, the Arctic reaches from Russia's Far East to Spitsbergen to Arctic Norway

Covered in ice pack for most of the year, it is during the short summer months you are offered the opportunity to witness the diverse scenery, unusual wildlife and interesting peoples the Arctic has to offer. Whether it is an adventure into history, an exploration of natural wonders, or a look at rare and amazing cultures, there is a voyage for everyone in the land of the midnight sun.

North Spitsbergen
This 8 day adventure begins and ends in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen. The aim of this expedition is to explore the western coastline of Spitsbergen. The exact course depends on local weather and ice conditions. You will explore magnificent fjords, cruise in Zodiacs past towering sea cliffs and encounter polar bears and walrus in their natural habitat - 7 nights/8 days
Around Spitsbergen
This 11 day adventure begins and ends in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen. The expedition will explore the coastline of Spitsbergen and attempt to circumnavigate the island dependant on local weather and ice conditions. You will explore magnificent fjords, cruise in Zodiacs past towering sea cliffs and encounter polar bears and walrus in their natural habitat - 10 nights/11 days
Steam to Ice - Iceland to Greenland

From Iceland steam north to explore the incredible coastline of east Greenland – countless fjords, snow capped mountains, late summer icebergs, glaciers and the elusive Arctic wildlife. Explore through shore landings, treks and Zodiac cruising. A new addition to the program this year – before completing the expedition cruise – visit Westmann Isles off the southwest coast of Iceland before disembarking in Reykjavik - 11 nights/12 days


Greenland and its surrounding waters are home to an impressive array of wildlife: eight species of whale, two million seals, Walruses, Polar Bears, Reindeer, Musk Oxen, Arctic Hares, Arctic Wolves and a spectacular variety of birds. The largest island in the world, 90% of its surface area is covered by ice and it is inhabited by less then 100.000 people, though with a fascinating history and culture. This voyage focuses on East and Northeast Greenland, among the most isolated, sparsely populated and scenically superb parts of the island. Fortunately, from the wildlife enthusiast's point of view, they are also the most rewarding regions with regular sightings of Musk Oxen, Arctic Hares, Narwhals and a variety of birds, including Gyrfalcon, Snowy Owl, Barnacle and Pink-footed Geese - 9 nights/10 day

Remote Coast of East Greenland

The Polar Regions are still the most remote destinations on earth and a privilege to visit. East Greenland is today a protected national park with shy and elusive wildlife, the most awesome expanses of stunning natural landscapes and legendary stories of mankind’s exploration and settlement in this challenging environment from the hunter’s huts to today’s Greenlandic Inuit communities. Join us as we explore this landscape of dramatic fjords, pack ice, late summer icebergs and endless tundra – truly stunning - 12 nights/13 days

Spitsbergen & Northeast Greenland This Arctic voyage starts in North Spitsbergen to East Greenland. During this voyage you will visit Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord and Scoresbysund, the largest and arguably most spectacular fjord in the world. Its huge glaciers, beautifully sculptured icebergs, and the warm autumn colours of the tundra make for wonderful photographs.
You may also get to visit the friendly Greenlandic hunting community of Itoqqortoormiit. Other shore landings will focus on wildlife and with luck, find a herd of Musk Oxen grazing on the tundra. From here continue south to Ammassalik, visiting present day Greenlandic communities. In this part of Greenland narwhals are often spotted and you may encounter polar bears as they drift southwards on the ice floes - 12 nights/13 day & 13 nights/14 day voyages available
Viking trail to the Americas

Set sail on this remarkable journey that follows in the footsteps of the early explorers to visit the southern part of Greenland and learn about the lives of the early explorers and the Inuit of yesterday and today – from Nanortalik to Brattahlid, Hvalsey and Qaqortoq. Then sail across “iceberg alley” for Baffin Island of the Canadian Arctic and keep a keen watch for seabirds, seals, whales and perhaps Polar Bear. Explore the coast of Frobisher Bay before reaching Iqaluit, the capital of the newly created Nunavut territory of Canada. Journeying southbound, explore the amazing coast of isolated Labrador with boreal forests, fjords and tundra and learn about the lives of the early inhabitants and settlers. You then come to the island province of Newfoundland with their fishing “outport” communities and rugged natural coastline. This journey is a fascinating tale of tenacious people in a challenging environment.
- 18 nights/19 days

The North Pole

This journey offers the chance of a lifetime, to be one of the privileged few to stand at 90° north, the top of the world. You will look around you at the still, white icescapes and marvel at the courage and heroism of those who came before you. Through the thick pack ice, you will watch the ice-breaker hard at work, one of the few ships with the capabilities to succeed in such an arduous voyage. If you are a goal oriented traveller, looking to get the ultimate journey under your belt, a voyage to the North Pole offers an experience that is, quite literally, found on only one spot on the planet - 14 nights/15 days