The 50 Years of Victory as it crashes through the icepack on it's voyage to the North Pole
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The North Pole

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This journey offers the chance of a lifetime, to be one of the privileged few to stand at 90° north, the top of the world. You will look around you at the still, white icescapes and marvel at the courage and heroism of those who came before you. Through the thick pack ice, you will watch the ice-breaker hard at work, one of the few ships with the capabilities to succeed in such an arduous voyage. If you are a goal oriented traveller, looking to get the ultimate journey under your belt, a voyage to the North Pole offers an experience that is, quite literally, found on only one spot on the planet - 14 nights/15 days

Day 1
Helsinki, Finland
Staying up to the wee hours is easy in Helsinki, as daylight fades to twilight for only a few hours during the summer. You'll spend the night at a centrally located hotel.

Day 2
Embarkation Day
After the flight from Helsinki to Murmansk, Russia, you will be transferred to the quay side to embark 50 Years of Victory, the world's largest icebreaker.

Day 3-7
The Arctic Ocean
In 2008, 50 Years of Victory made the fastest ever surface crossing from Murmansk to the North Pole - 4.5 days. Arctic Ocean conditions are always unpredictable, so it could take as many as 8 days to reach our goal. Unpredictable heighten the sense of adventure that underlies all our expeditions.
Watching Victory break through the formidable pack ice is a sight you'll never forget. Crushing through ice meters thick with the ease of a hot knife through butter, Victory can sail in conditions that would defeat most other ships. Be sure to take care one of the included helicopter flights for a fascinating aerial view of the icebreaker's progress.

Day 8
90 North
Although the moment that we reach the top of the world is shared with others, the experience is as individual as you are. Some travelers mark the occasion holding a special memento carried thousand of miles for that one brief event. Others hold signs created on the spot. Others wave their national flags. How will you celebrate?

Day 9-10
In 2008, polar bear sightings always seemed to occur after midnight. No one grumbled as they tumbled from bed to watch the ice bear devour dinner or climb ice pressure ridges. Ivory Gulls, the rarest of Arctic birds, fearlessly danced on the ice within the bear's reach, eager to dine on the scraps. Should a polar bear be sighted on your voyage, you will have a different story to tell. No two polar bear sightings or North Pole voyages are the same.

Day 11-13
Franz Josef Land
These massive flat topped islands, with steep cliffs where seabirds nest, are often surrounded by fast ice. A helicopter will transfer you ashore to hike, beachcomb or to just sit quietly watching Snow Buntings feed.

Day 14-15
Murmansk to Helsinki
The return to Helsinki requires a flight from Murmansk and just the right tide conditions for docking the ship. Overnight in Helsinki, before departing for home.

All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife.