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Remote Coast of East Greenland

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The Polar Regions are still the most remote destinations on earth and a privilege to visit. East Greenland is today a protected national park with shy and elusive wildlife, the most awesome expanses of stunning natural landscapes and legendary stories of mankind’s exploration and settlement in this challenging environment from the hunter’s huts to today’s Greenlandic Inuit communities. Join us as we explore this landscape of dramatic fjords, pack ice, late summer icebergs and endless tundra – truly stunning - 12 nights/13 days

Day 1:
Friday, Aug 27 (Svalbard) Embark in Longyearbyen, the main community of Spitsbergen in Svalbard.

Day 2 & 3:
Saturday – Sunday, Aug 28 & 29 (Spitsbergen) Before heading west, explore the Arctic nature and wilderness – it is possible to see walrus and the mighty Polar Bear. Possible landing sites include Alkehornet,
Freskvannsbukta Fjord, Magdalenefjord and Amsterdamøya. Time permitting the ship will also cruise near Moffen Island.

Day 4 & 5:
Monday – Tuesday, Aug 30 & 31 (At Sea) These two days at sea allow time to relax, attend lectures and keep a vigilant watch for wildlife and pack ice from the decks and observation lounge as we cross the Greenland Sea.

Day 6 – 9:
Wednesday – Saturday, Sept 1 – 4 (East Greenland) The ship steams as far north as the ice allows– and every day is a new adventure as we explore this remote and spectacular National Park with landings, trekking and Zodiac cruises. It is a rugged world with tundra, fjords, icebergs, waterfalls and glaciers but the tenacity of mankind is seen in remnants of explorer’s huts, Greenlandic (Inuit) settlements and the Danish Sled Dog Patrol.
With a long history of being hunted, the wildlife is shy but it is possible to see Polar Bear, Musk oxen, seals, whales and the Iconic Gyr falcon to name a few. Destinations we may make landings at include Shannon Island, Hansa Bay, Daneborg, Dead Man’s Bay, Wordie Glacier, Myggbukta, Blomsterbukten, Isfjord and King Oscar’s Fjord.

Day 10:
Sunday, Sept 5 (East Greenland) Spend a day exploring Scoresbysund Fjord, considered the largest in the world. The scenery is stunning as the ship cruises into the fjord – imposing granite walls, mountain peaks, glaciers and icebergs beautifully carved by the glaciers.

Day 11:
Monday, Sept 6 (East Greenland) Visit Ittorqqortoormitt in the morning. It is the most northerly permanent settlement in East Greenland. The museum, Women’s House, weather station, church and other public facilities are open for visits. There is a walking tour of this colourful settlement with Inuit residents and many sled dogs. The ship sets off for Iceland in the afternoon.

Day 12:
Tuesday, Sept 7 (At Sea) This day at sea provides time for wrap up lectures, finish journals and then gather for the final recap and Captain’s farewell function.

Day 13:
Wednesday, Sept 8 (Iceland) Disembark in Reykjavik.

All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife.