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Scoresbysund - East Greenland

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The Polar Regions are still the most remote destinations on earth and a privilege to visit. East Greenland is today a protected national park with shy and elusive wildlife, the most awesome expanses of stunning natural landscapes and legendary stories of mankind’s exploration and settlement in this challenging environment from the hunter’s huts to today’s Greenlandic Inuit communities. Join us as we explore this landscape of dramatic fjords, pack ice, late summer icebergs and endless tundra – truly stunning - 10 nights/11 day & 12 nights/13 day voyages available
Day 1: Wednesday, Sept 8 (Iceland)
Embark in the vibrant city of Reykjavik.

Day 2: Thursday, Sept 9 (At Sea) During this time at sea, the lecture program begins and there is also time to read, relax and wander the decks. During the voyage it is possible to see perhaps White-beaked dolphin, Humpback or Minke whale and birds such as kittiwake, gannet, guillemot, fulmar and razorbill.

Day 3: Friday, Sept 10 (East Greenland) Entering Scoresbysund Fjord, the first stop is at Ittorqqortoormitt, the most northerly permanent settlement in East Greenland. The museum, Women’s House, weather station, church and other public facilities are open for visits. There is a walking tour of this colourful settlement with Greenlandic (Inuit) residents and many sled dogs. From there, the exploration of the fjord itself begins.

Day 4 & 5: Saturday – Sunday, Sept 11 & 12 (East Greenland) With two more full days in Scoresbysund Fjord, there is ample time for a more in-depth exploration of this network of fjords reaching inland towards the ice cap. The
landscape is impressive with basalt peaks, walls of granite and icebergs calving from the glaciers. It is considered the beginning of the High Arctic.

Day 6: Monday, Sept 13 (East Greenland) Often ice laden, Nansen Fjord provides spectacular views of Christian IV Glacier and Gunnbjorn Fjeld, the highest mountain above the Arctic Circle. The watch for wildlife continues.

Day 7: Tuesday, Sept 14 (East Greenland) Greenland’s widest ice-free zone, Kangerlussuaq Fjord still boasts spectacular glaciers and icebergs and a coastline of sheer cliffs. A landing is planned at an archaeological site with
remains of Thule dwellings. Caribou, Musk Ox, Polar Bear and the timid Ivory gull have been seen here.

Day 8: Wednesday, Sept 15 (East Greenland) This is a day of “gunkholing” a term used by sailors when they poke along the shore during a cruise. The day will include a foray into Kangertigtvatsiaq Fjord with either a landing or
Zodiac cruise planned.

Day 9: Thursday, Sept 16 (East Greenland) Tassilaq Fjord and community were formerly known as Ammassalik. The town is located on an island and the fjord runs up from the west side. At the top end is Sermilik Fjord where a shore landing is planned. The town of Tassilaq is larger than Scoresbysund and gives a real insight into life in the north. Witness daily life and see Greenlandic dogs, winter houses, traditional carvings and the local museum.

Day 10: Friday, Sept 17 (At Sea) Crossing the Denmark Strait to Iceland, keep a vigilant watch for wildlife, attend lectures and relax.

Day 11: Saturday, Sept 18 (Iceland) Along the southwest coast of Iceland lies the world’s youngest archipelago, Westmann Islands. Because of their youth, many consider them to be the most ruggedly beautiful islands in the world. There are sheer cliffs, lava fields, a crater area and only one populated town, Heimey on the largest island Heimey. It is an important fishing centre. Whales may be seen in the surrounding waters and there are large echo filled sea caves to explore.

Day 12: Sunday, Sept 19 (Iceland) Disembark in Reykjavik.

All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife.