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The Atlantic Islands
Norway, Azores, Jan Mayen,
Scotland & Ireland

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In this diverse group of expeditions, the M/V Polar Star makes her way from the aquamarine waters of the equatorial Atlantic to the icy wilderness of Svalbard. Join a voyage exploring some of the most unique, beautiful and wild frontiers in the world.

The Atlantic Islands and Fjords series has something for everyone.  In the Azores, explore ancient volcanic formations and get to know a society where the importance of tradition has not been lost. The UK & Ireland are lands steeped in history where you will spend days discovering stone circles and ancient villages to try and unravel mysteries of the past. In Norway, you will Zodiac cruise pristine fjords and learn stories that have become part of Norwegian legend.

Islands on the Edge – UK, Ireland & Hebrides

From the south of England via Ireland to the Hebrides – this is a journey of cultural and natural history delights. For the avid birder there are many opportunities to see large numbers of gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, cormorants, guillemots and puffins.
Almost daily are new archaeological experiences from Bant’s Carn to blackhouses. The rugged coast was a challenge for man and nature alike to eke out an existence and shows the adaptability of both man and nature. This expedition cruise takes place in spring – a time of abundance, hope and growth - 12 nights/13 days

St. Kilda - Jan Mayen

Sailing from Oban in Scotland this voyage takes you to the islands of St Kilda, home to the largest seabird colony in the UK. From there it's on to the Faroes and then Jan Mayen which is a volcanic island set in the north Atlantic Ocean, half-way between Iceland and Spitsbergen. The still active volcano, Beerenberg, is 2200m high and dominates the island. During the winter Jan Mayen is often surrounded by pack-ice, the slopes of Beerenberg perpetually snow-covered. Until recently, the island was off-limits as it is a military base, and was rarely visited by tourists, but with permission from the Norwegian authorities we hope to visit the weather station. We will also walk across the island to Kvalrossbukta to look at the remains of a 17th century Dutch whaling station. Depending on sea ice conditions we may also cruise the fjords of Spitsbergen. A fantastic voyage with great opportunities for seeing bird life and whales - 9 nights/10 days

Highlands & Islands - Scotland

Explore the Hebrides and then cruise around the northern shores of Scotland to Orkney, Shetland and Fair Isle. So many of these places are difficult, if not impossible, to access by land. Spring in the Scottish islands and coastal regions is a fantastic time for birds. As well the archaeological sites of St. Kilda, Dun Carloway broch, Ring of Brodgar and Jarlshoff, to mention a few, tell the story of a complex and tenacious history. These remote areas are a delight to wander through as the lifestyle here seems to have managed to retain some of the slower pace of yesteryear - 12 nights/13 days

Magic of Islands and Fjords - Norway

Experience significant variety during this expedition cruise as the ship follows spring northward. From the warm spring days off the coast of Scotland and fjords of Norway to the midnight sun of Svalbard – the light will astound. This time of year there is significant bird activity, both migrating and nesting. Reaching farther north, it is possible to see reindeer, the majestic Polar bear and other Arctic wildlife. This program is also a human story with archaeological sites and charming coastal northern communities - 14 nights/15 days

The Enchanting Azores

Island life is often described as more laid back and indeed time spent on these islands seems to take you back a little to the more simple days when there was time to just relax and enjoy. The Azorean archipelago has an intricate culture affected by many other parts of the world. This combined with its remote location mid-Atlantic makes it both isolated yet worldly. It is a strategic transit point for both mariners and aviators. There is a history of pineapple and tea plantations, wine once bottled solely for the Russian Tsar, intricate scrimshaw, whaling, volcanic activity and waves of emigration. This archipelago is a natural gathering place for whales, dolphins, migrating birds and seabirds. This year the cruise has an added day to allow more time in São Jorge – visiting all nine islands - 8 nights/9 days