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The Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos is one of those locations that is almost mythical. They were first named Las Islas Encantadas or 'the Enchanted Isles' and they certainly live up to that. A location where nature lives in harmony and animals do not fear man.

The islands

The Galapagos islands are made up of a group of volcanic mountains. Isabela the largest island, is made up of six volcanoes side by side! Add to that azure waters, empty white sand beaches and the unique wildlife and you can start to appreciate where the enchantment comes from.


The location

Galapagos is an assault on all the senses. You will witness extraordinary sights, your ears will be graced with beautiful sounds, you will feel your heart rise as you realise that you are really there. You are on the Galapagos, over 1000km out into the Pacific Ocean.



See Blue Footed Boobies display their unmissable bright blue feet as they dance and serenade their mates. Majestic Albatrosses perform their beautiful mating rituals. Male Red Throated Frigate birds in their hundreds sit on top of palo santos trees, red throats hugely inflated in display, calling out, as females hover in the sky trying to decide on a suitable mate. It's a sight to see.


Sea life

As well as on land, the waters around Galapagos are teeming with life. Sea lions, penguins, dolphins and whales to name a few are plentiful. Even in the water you can snorkel with sea lions and penguins as curious about you as you are about them.


Day by day

Each day you will visit unique locations, observe a huge variety of wildlife all led by your very own expert guide who will share their knowledge of this wonderland with you. Between island visits you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, laze about on deck or catch up on your reading aboard your cruiser. You will dine in style being served fine food and spend your evenings sipping drinks as you recount the events of the day. Or maybe just lie out on deck and observe the amazing spectacle of the night sky over Galapagos far away from the lights and noise of our busy world...you could be forgiven for thinking you are in a mythical land.


Galapagos Guides
Galapagos guides are rated according to the grading system that designates a Level I, II or III (the best) guide. An important difference in yachts and prices on Galapagos tours is the level of guide. We only use first class and luxury yachts with Level 3 guides. Essentially, the difference in the levels is academic achievement, experience and language capabilities. Level I and level II guides have college education, some local training by the Charles Darwin Station and some speak a second language. However, a Level III guide will have at least 4 languages, and a minimum of 10 years guiding experience in the Islands. There is a world of difference in how you will experience the Galapagos with a Level III guide.


There are two classes of vessel that we offer:


First Class Motor Sailers and Yachts: Boats of this class are very comfortable and comply with international standards of superior cruise boats. The cabins are spacious and supply cold and warm water as well as air-conditioning. Guides belong to Naturalist Class III. In this class meals are mostly served in form of a buffet.


Luxury Class Motor Sailers and Yachts: These boats have a capacity of 16 passengers. The boats are very comfortable and you won't miss anything aboard. They also include equipment such as satellite telephone and TV/Video. It goes without saying that guides belong to the Naturalist Class III mentioned above.


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